Prospective Study Evaluating the Medullary Thyroid Cancer Management's Care Using PET ( Positron Emission Tomography) F-DOPA in Patients With a High Level of Postoperative Residual Thyrocalcitonin

Status: Completed
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Intervention Type: Other
Study Type: Interventional
Study Phase: Not Applicable

The aim of the trial is to study a radiating diagnosis agent used in post surgery when the biological assessment highlighted a residual disease. This is an inter-regional multicentric, prospective study evaluating the benefit of PET F-DOPA imaging in involved node detection compared to standard imaging assessment in patient with medullary thyroid cancer. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the impact and performance of a new PET / CT (computerized tomography ) tracer targeting dopamine receptor in patient with residual ganglionar biological disease after initial surgery of medullary thyroid cancer compared to standard imaging. Obtained data will be compared to the gold standard based on : nodes cytology when they could be punctured histology when a new surgery will be recommended surveillance when the 2 first cases will be not applicable (imaging monitoring, evolution of thyrocalcitonin)

Participation Requirements
Sex: All
Minimum Age: 18
Healthy Volunteers: No

• Age > or = 18 years.

• Patient with medullary thyroid cancer (sporadic or hereditary form).

• Patient treated by total thyroidectomy with uni or bi-lateral lymph node dissection (in the central and/or lateral neck compartment).

• Patient with elevated thyrocalcitonin rate > or = 150 pg/ml assessed within 6 weeks or more after surgery.

• Patient with standard imaging assessment performed during 3 months before PET 18-FDOPA.

• Standard imaging assessment including at least a cervical ultra-sound, a cervico-thoracic CT-scan and/or a cervico-thoraco-abdomino-pelvic CT-scan and a liver MRI.

• Patient able to be followed at least 6 months after PET 18-FDOPA.

• If women are breastfeeding, nursing should be discontinued during 24 hours after PET 18-FDOPA.

• Patient must provide written informed consent prior to any specific procedure or assessment.

• Patient must be affiliated to the French Social Security System.

Other Locations
CHU Haut-Lévêque
CHU Limoges
CHU Timone
ICM Montpellier
Institut Claudius Regaud
Time Frame
Start Date: March 22, 2017
Completion Date: December 20, 2020
Target number of participants: 24
Other: PET 18-FDOPA
18F-DOPA will be administered with an activity of 1.5-4 MBq/kg (MegaBecquerel) in the IV (Intra venous) tubing to decrease the extravasation risk and tracer lymphatic migration. The injection site will be distant from pathologic area (forearm).~PET CT exam will start 10 min after tracer injection and will cover the whole body (10 to 30 min).~Other series of images will be done 50 min after tracer injection. Images will be interpreted.
Leads: Institut Claudius Regaud

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