Assessment of a Minimally Invasive Esophageal Cytology Collection System in Patients With Barrett's Esophagus or GERD Symptoms

Status: Completed
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Intervention Type: Device
Study Type: Interventional
Study Phase: Not Applicable

This study will assess the Minimally Invasive Esophageal Cytology Collection System in Patients with Barrett's Esophagus or GERD Symptoms.

Participation Requirements
Sex: All
Minimum Age: 18
Healthy Volunteers: Accepts Healthy Volunteers

• Male or female subjects, age 18 and above.

• Able to read, comprehend, and complete the consent form.

• Clinically fit for an endoscopy.

• a) Previous confirmed diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus with intestinal metaplasia, and Prague classification of at least one circumferential centimeter of BE or a total BE segment length of at least 3 centimeters (C1+ or CXM3+) (BE arm) . OR b) If the subject does not have documented Prague Classification prior to screening, but the PI is convinced that the subject will meet the inclusion criteria based on previous documentation (for instance, mention of long-segment BE, they may enroll the subject in the study at their discretion. The study upper endoscopy must confirm that the subject has C1+ or CXM3+ (BE arm). If (C1+ or CXM3+) is not observed at the time of study endoscopy, the subject may still be enrolled but not included in the data analysis with the BE cohort. The data may be analyzed in a separate cohort. OR c) Self-reported heartburn or regurgitation on at least a monthly basis for at least 6 months (GERD arm).

United States
Univeristy of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles
University of Colorado
Northwestern University
North Carolina
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill
Gastrointestinal Associates
Time Frame
Start Date: August 2015
Completion Date: June 1, 2018
Target number of participants: 191
Experimental: Patient wth Barrett's
Subjects presenting for routine endoscopic BE surveillance examinations
Experimental: Patients with GERD
Subjects with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms undergoing upper endoscopy for screening for BE
Related Therapeutic Areas
Leads: Medtronic - MITG

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