Prospective review of medium term outcomes following interpositional arthroplasty for hammer toe deformity correction.

Journal: Foot And Ankle Surgery : Official Journal Of The European Society Of Foot And Ankle Surgeons

Background: Hammer toe is a common lesser toe deformity that is usually found to affect the second toe. A number of procedures have been applied in its surgical management with varying results but there is still no consensus on the best technique.

Methods: We prospectively reviewed a consecutive series of patients treated with interpositional arthroplasty, early mobilisation and with a minimal follow up of 6 months. We measured outcome using the Manchester Oxford foot and ankle questionnaire and a global impression of change score.

Results: There was a high level of satisfaction with the resulting pain relief and the type of footwear worn thereafter. We had no complications in terms of infection or chronic pain. There were no early recurrences within our follow up period.

Conclusions: Overall we demonstrate good to excellent results with this surgical tactic allowing pain relief, early mobilisation and a low risk of infection.

Relevant Conditions

Chronic Pain, Hammer Toe, Claw Foot

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