GuideLiner catheter facilitated PCI--a novel device with multiple applications.

Journal: The Journal Of Invasive Cardiology

Objective: The GuideLiner catheter (Vascular Solutions, Inc.) is a monorail guiding catheter extension that serves to facilitate stent delivery and is approved for providing extra support and coaxial guide engagement. The objective of this manuscript is to familiarize interventionalists with this new device, describe its versatile uses, and its limitations with case-based examples.

Background: Failure of stent delivery is responsible for 5% of procedural failures in coronary interventions in the current era. Different techniques to enhance guiding catheter support and facilitate device delivery have been described. These include use of buddy wires, anchoring balloons at different locations for extra support for device delivery, and even rotational atherectomy in the most calcified lesions.

Methods: The database of coronary interventions at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center was queried for use of the GuideLiner catheter and stents. The angiograms of all those cases were reviewed and selections of cases highlighting different uses of the catheter were chosen for inclusion in this manuscript.

Results: All potential uses of the GuideLiner catheter are described in this manuscript. Nuances about use and tips and tricks related to the device are also discussed in the case examples.

Conclusions: The manuscript provides a complete summary of the different uses and limitations of the catheter and its contemporary role in modern day coronary intervention.