A unique paradoxical reaction to tuberculosis therapy: case report and brief review of the literature.

Journal: American Journal Of Therapeutics

Extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) has led to treatment guidelines, which almost always result in progressive clinical improvement and cure in the compliant patient. Failure of a patient to respond as expected raises concerns of unexpected drug resistance, poor absorption, drug fever, or rarely an intense inflammatory reaction known as paradoxical reaction. Paradoxical reactions to anti-TB treatment are relatively rare in nonimmunocompromised individuals. Hepatic abscess is a very rare consequence of primary TB infection but has never been described as occurring as part of a paradoxical reaction. We present a case of a unique paradoxical reaction to initiation of TB treatment.

Balwinder Singh, Fahad Iqbal, K Sunkavalli, Bobby Chawla

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