Transcranial nasoethmoidal dermoids: a review and rationale for approach.

Journal: Journal Of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery : JPRAS

Nasal dermoid cysts are a common congenital midline nasal lesion. Surgical removal may require cranial exposure, a nasal approach, or a combination of the two, and is dictated by the location and extent of disease. Here, we review common presentations of nasal dermoids and illustrate extirpation by each of these three potential approaches. In this series, a 4 year-old female, a 6 year-old female, and a 3 year-old male underwent a transcranial, open rhinoplasty, and combined transcranial and open nasal approach, respectively, without complications. This series reviews the presentation and surgical treatment of nasal dermoids with transcranial extension and illustrates 3 commonly employed approaches for the removal of nasal dermoids.


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