Illicit Cosmetic Silicone Injection: A Recent Reiteration of History.

Journal: Annals Of Plastic Surgery

The injection of liquid silicone for cosmetic augmentation has a history of both legal as well as illicit practice in the United States and worldwide. Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has launched a public awareness campaign through patient stories and various statements in response to the rise in deaths related to this illicit practice. A articular segment of the population that has become a target is the transgender patient group. A brief review is provided of the history of industrial liquid silicone injection, including the pathophysiology to fully describe and review silicone injection injury. Three cases of soft tissue cellulitis and wound necrosis treated at our institution are summarized and a treatment algorithm proposed based on literature review of treatment options and our own experience.

Relevant Conditions

Cellulitis, Necrosis

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