Safety and Exploratory Efficacy at 36 Months in Open-HART, an Open-Label Extension Study of Pridopidine in Huntington's Disease.

Journal: Journal Of Huntington's Disease

Background: Open-HART is an open-label extension of HART, a randomized, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging, parallel-group study.

Objective: To evaluate safety and exploratory efficacy of open-label pridopidine over 36 months in subjects with Huntington's disease (HD).

Methods: Open-HART subjects were treated with pridopidine 45 mg twice daily (BID). After initial evaluation by telephone (Week 1) and in person (Month 1), in-person visits occurred every 3 months, alternating between safety and clinical visits (safety plus Unified Huntington's Disease Rating Scale [UHDRS] assessment). The UHDRS was performed for pre-specified analysis as a secondary outcome measure. Adverse events (AEs), laboratory values, and electrocardiography were monitored throughout.

Results: Most subjects (89%) reported at least one AE, with 30% experiencing treatment-related AEs. The most common AEs during the first year were falls (12.7%), anxiety (9.3%), insomnia (8.5%), irritability (6.8%), and depression (5.9%). Ninety-nine percent of subjects took concomitant medications. Two seizures were reported as AEs. No arrhythmias or suicide attempts were reported. Five deaths occurred, all considered treatment unrelated. Secondary exploratory analyses of subjects on pridopidine demonstrated motor deterioration (as measured by the UHDRS total motor score) consistent with HD's natural history, as shown in large observational studies. A post-hoc, exploratory analysis of TFC performance compared to placebo groups from other long-term HD studies demonstrated no significant effect for pridopidine on TFC progression after correction for multiple comparisons.

Conclusions: Pridopidine 45 mg BID was generally safe and tolerable in HD subjects over 36 months. TMS declined in a manner consistent with the known natural history of HD.

Andrew Mcgarry, Karl Kieburtz, Victor Abler, Igor Grachev, Sanjay Gandhi, Peggy Auinger, Spyridon Papapetropoulos, Michael Hayden