Diagnosis and rehabilitation of a pregnant woman with spinal cord disorder due to spinal cord tumor.

Journal: Spinal Cord Series And Cases

Introduction: Spinal cord tumors are a rare cause of spinal cord disorder (SCD). Early diagnosis can be challenging, especially in patient populations with other potential etiologies for back pain, such as pregnant women. Case presentation: A 28-year-old female presented at 8 weeks gestation with thoracic back pain initially diagnosed as gestational low back pain. Her symptoms progressed to lower extremity weakness. After diagnosis and resection of a spinal cord ependymoma, we collaborated with the inpatient interdisciplinary team to devise a rehabilitation program focused on minimizing pregnancy-related complications and optimizing care of a newborn in the setting of a new paraplegia. Discussion: Providers should not assume all pregnant women with low back pain have gestational back pain, as it can be due to more insidious causes. The rehabilitation course for women who develop an SCD during gestation should be carefully tailored toward their pre- and post-natal care and with the education of how the disorder can affect pregnancy and parenting.

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