Successful percutaneous treatment of a large coronary artery pseudoaneurysm with a covered stent graft.

Journal: The International Journal Of Cardiovascular Imaging

With exponential rise in percutaneous treatments of coronary disease in the last two decades, pseudoaneurysms of coronary vessels have been described, often as a consequence of previous coronary interventions. Nevertheless, pseudoaneurysms are still rarely encountered in clinical practice (0.3-6%) and pose a great challenge when it comes to management of this clinical entity. Our case not only highlights the rarity of pseudoaneurysms but also educates clinicians through these imaging series about the existence of successful percutaneous therapeutic approaches in such patient population, such as covered stent grafts as portrayed in this case. To our knowledge, this is the first case of a covered stent graft use in coronary pseudoaneurysm unrelated to previous coronary intervention.

Yan Yatsynovich, Damian Valencia, Brian Schwartz, Nicky Wadiwala, Mohammed Ali

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