Clinical Design and Analysis Strategies for the Development of Gene Therapies: Considerations for Quantitative Drug Development in the Age of Genetic Medicine.

Journal: Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics

Cell and gene therapies have shown enormous promise across a range of diseases in recent years. Numerous adoptive cell therapy modalities as well as systemic and direct-to-target tissue gene transfer administrations are currently in clinical development. The clinical trial design, development, reporting, and analysis of novel cell and gene therapies can differ significantly from established practices for small molecule drugs and biologics. Here, we discuss important quantitative considerations and key competencies for drug developers in preclinical requirements, trial design, and lifecycle planning for gene therapies. We argue that the unique development path of gene therapies requires practicing quantitative drug developers-statisticians, pharmacometricians, pharmacokineticists, epidemiologists, and medical and translational science leads-to exercise active collaboration and cross-functional learning across development stages.

Avery Mcintosh, Oleksandr Sverdlov, Li Yu, Petra Kaufmann

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