Bilateral hydroureteronephrosis: A neonatal presentation of bladder duplication.

Journal: Radiology Case Reports

In a male neonate with bilateral hydroureteronephrosis, the most common surgical diagnosis is posterior urethral valves. This case report describes a male infant with the same presentation, but caused by a very uncommon congenital anomaly. The summation of different imaging modalities allowed a multidisciplinary team of colleagues to define the anatomy: bilateral duplex kidneys draining into separate urinary bladders. Only one of the bladders had an outlet, hence the obstructive uropathy to the right kidney led to total loss of function. The distended tortuous ureters produced a mass effect at presentation. This case acts as a reminder that complex congenital anomalies can mimic the presentation of more common conditions, and that they often require input from various specialists to diagnose the condition and guide its management.

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