Safety, Precautions, and Modalities in Cancer Rehabilitation: an Updated Review.

Journal: Current Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Reports

Objective: Providing rehabilitation to patients with cancer can be challenging due to the medical complexity associated with the illness and its treatments. This article provides the reader with a summary of frequently encountered medical conditions in the cancer population and associated safety considerations and precautions. An update on treatment modalities commonly used for symptom management is also presented.

Results: Cancer and cancer treatments can cause changes in multiple organ systems. Special considerations and precautions are necessary to provide safe and effective rehabilitation. Physical modalities can be used as monotherapy or adjunct to treatment for common cancer-related side effects with recent studies noting benefit with a variety of modalities.

Conclusions: Detailed assessment of the cancer patient is necessary before implementing a rehabilitation program. Understanding cancer and side effects of treatments, including newer options, are necessary to provide safe care.


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