Genomic identification of sarcoma radiosensitivity and the clinical implications for radiation dose personalization.

Journal: Translational Oncology

Background: Soft-tissue sarcomas (STS) are heterogeneous with variable response to radiation therapy (RT). Utilizing the radiosensitivity index (RSI) we estimated the radiobiologic ratio of lethal to sublethal damage (α/β), genomic-adjusted radiation dose(GARD), and in-turn a biological effective radiation dose (BED).

Methods: Two independent cohorts of patients with soft-tissue sarcoma were identified. The first cohort included 217 genomically-profiled samples from our institutional prospective tissue collection protocol; RSI was calculated for these samples, which were then used to dichotomize the population as either highly radioresistant (HRR) or conventionally radioresistant (CRR). In addition, RSI was used to calculate α/β ratio and GARD, providing ideal dosing based on sarcoma genomic radiosensitivity. A second cohort comprising 399 non-metastatic-STS patients treated with neoadjuvant RT and surgery was used to validate our findings.

Results: Based on the RSI of the sample cohort, 84% would historically be considered radioresistant. We identified a HRR subset that had a significant difference in the RSI, and clinically a lower tumor response to radiation (2.4% vs. 19.4%), 5-year locoregional-control (76.5% vs. 90.8%), and lower estimated α/β (3.29 vs. 5.98), when compared to CRR sarcoma. Using GARD, the dose required to optimize outcome in the HRR subset is a BEDα/β=3.29 of 97 Gy.

Conclusions: We demonstrate that on a genomic scale, that although STS is radioresistant overall, they are heterogeneous in terms of radiosensitivity. We validated this clinically and estimated an α/β ratio and dosing that would optimize outcome, personalizing dose.

George Yang, Zhigang Yuan, Kamran Ahmed, Eric Welsh, William Fulp, Ricardo Gonzalez, John Mullinax, Douglas Letson, Marilyn Bui, Louis Harrison, Jacob Scott, Javier Torres Roca, Arash Naghavi
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Adult Soft Tissue Sarcoma

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