Multiple myeloma remission following COVID-19: an observation in search of a mechanism (a case report).

Journal: The Pan African Medical Journal

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) represents a major challenge in the management of patients with hematologic malignancies. Individuals with plasma cell dyscrasias, including multiple myeloma, are at increased risk of developing severe disease. Furthermore, immunosuppressant agents, which represent an important component of multiple myeloma treatment, may increase the risk of serious infection; thus, treatment regimens may need to be modified in some patients. The pathogenesis of COVID-19 is incompletely understood and much remains to be established regarding cancer care in the setting of this new global health threat. We report a case of multiple myeloma remission that occurred after a single cycle of chemotherapy in a patient with COVID-19. In addition, we discuss possible mechanisms underlying this surprising observation. The findings warrant further investigation and may have important implications for the management of multiple myeloma and other plasma cell dyscrasias in the age of COVID-19.

Daniel Antwi Amoabeng, Mark Ulanja, Bryce Beutler, Suresh Reddy
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COVID-19, Multiple Myeloma