Novel Strategies for Evaluating and Improving Plastic Surgery Applicant Selection.

Journal: Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Residency applicant evaluation and selection is a critical part of developing and maintaining a high-quality plastic surgery residency program. Currently, many programs rely on objective measures such as the United States Medical Licensing Exam scores, number of research publications, grade point average, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society status, or a combination of these objective metrics. However, there is a growing body of literature suggesting that the current means of residency applicant evaluation and selection may not be the best predictive factors of future resident success. The aim of this study was to identify nontraditional means of evaluating plastic surgery residency candidates and discuss how these means have been implemented at the authors' institution. After reviewing industry hiring practices, the authors propose that standardized interviewing and personality testing can help evaluate some of the previously intangible parts of an applicant that may play a role in teamwork, commitment, and dedication to patient care.

Francis Graziano, Maria Mavrommatis, Paul Shay, Michael Ingargiola, Paymon Sanati Mehrizy, Peter Henderson, Frank Fang, Peter Taub