Embracing Allyship in Academic Surgery: How All Surgeons Can Become Effective Champions for Change.

Journal: Journal Of The American College Of Surgeons

As the surgical community continues to work towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion, the need for buy-in from all surgeons-including those of the White majority-becomes increasingly apparent. This article invites all surgeons to aid in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as "allies," "upstanders," and "champions for change," and provides 2 specific frameworks for enacting allyship within the surgical field. Overt and conscious efforts to embrace allyship are imperative as we seek to fulfill our professional responsibilities to patients and will help create a workplace environment where all persons feel accepted, valued, welcomed, and respected.

Connor Peck, Sanford Roberts, Catherine Ly, Henry Hsia, Cary Aarons, Carmen Guerra, Paris Butler