Sodium doping in brookite TiO2 enhances its photocatalytic activity.

Journal: Beilstein Journal Of Nanotechnology

We report in this work that sodium doping of brookite TiO2 effectively enhances its photocatalytic activity, which becomes three times higher than that of the quasi-spherical brookite TiO2. The results demonstrated that the sodium-doped brookite Na x Ti1- x O2 can be stable up to 500 °C. At 600°C, the sodium in the brookite precipitates in the form of Na2CO3, and above 700 °C, the brookite Na x Ti1- x O2 transforms into Na2Ti6O13 by a twinning process with the orientation relationship of [1-2-3]Matrix//[1-23]Twins and (-2-10)Matrix//(1-1-1)Twins. The differences in the ionic radius and the electronegativity between Na and Ti destroy the local atomic arrangement of the brookite structure and produce microstructures such as the core-shell structure, local lattice distortion, interstitial atoms, and atomic vacancies, which are critical to its excellent photocatalytic activity.

Boxiang Zhuang, Honglong Shi, Honglei Zhang, Zeqian Zhang

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