Insidious Onset of Incarcerated Parastomal Hernia With Gastric Outlet Obstruction: A Case Report.

Journal: Cureus

Although parastomal hernias have a high incidence in the general population, involvement of the stomach remains rare due to the numerous suspensory structures tethering this organ in its anatomical location. This case details a 75-year-old lady with a painless onset of a gastric parastomal hernia with progressive incarceration over a two-week period. The deteriorating clinical condition of the patient following weeks of stability indicated that the cause of symptoms is likely sinister. Imaging confirmed incarceration of the stomach within a parastomal hernia. Although this has been reported previously, there is little to suggest this condition exists with an insidious onset. Patients who are at high risk of gastric herniation and who fit this clinical vignette with a known parastomal hernia should be offered prompt investigations to ascertain the diagnosis and facilitate further management.

Hassan Baig, Heather Curry, Christopher Leiberman, Ahmed Al Ani, Carol Watson
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