Testosterone therapy in prostate cancer: is it still a controversy?

Journal: Current Opinion In Urology

Objective: The benefits of testosterone therapy (TTh) in the hypogonadal male can be dramatic. Historically, TTh has been contraindicated in prostate cancer (PCa). Current evidence has redefined our understanding of the influence serum testosterone has on prostatic androgen activity. Increasing numbers of hypogonadal men with coexisting PCa emphasizes the importance of describing those who may safely receive TTh. This review aims to present literature that evaluates the efficacy and safety of TTh in men with coexisting PCa.

Results: Our study, a comprehensive review of published literature regarding TTh in men with a history of PCa, consisted of studies conducted from the 1940s to 2022. Our review discusses evidence in accordance with previous studies that TTh has a role in patients with localized PCa as it has not been reported to increase rates of recurrence or progression of PCa.

Conclusions: The use of TTh in hypongonadal men with a localized PCa has been shown to have positive clinical outcomes without increasing the rate of disease progression or recurrence. Further research, in a randomized controlled setting, is warranted.

Alex Bart, Alexander Van Hoof, Ryan Badre Hume, Joshua Selvarajah, Kristian Robillard, David Albala

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