Comorbidities Associated With Increased Likelihood of Postoperative Surgical Site Infection in Patients Treated for Hand or Finger Fracture and/or Dislocations.

Journal: Hand (New York, N.Y.)

We aimed to determine the relationship between common preoperative comorbidities and subsequent incidence of postoperative surgical site infections (SSIs) in hand and finger fractures and/or dislocations. We queried the American College of Surgeons National Safety and Quality Improvement Program from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019. Patients were included in our study if they were treated by open or percutaneous fixation for any hand or finger fracture and/or dislocation. Predictor variables were smoking status, diabetes mellitus status, and obesity (body mass index > 30) status. Primary outcome was incidence of postoperative SSI. There were a total of 9245 patients included in our study, and 148 patients (1.6%) experienced postoperative SSI. Of these, 59 patients (39.9%) were only smokers, 7 patients (4.7%) only had diabetes mellitus, and 55 patients (37.2%) were only obese. Overall, patients experienced greater odds of sustaining a postoperative SSI if they were a smoker or diabetic compared to non-smokers and non-diabetics, respectively. Considering only open fixation modality, patients with comorbidities were not at significantly increased odds of sustaining postoperative SSI. Considering only percutaneous fixation modality, patients experienced significantly greater odds of sustaining postoperative SSI if they were a smoker compared to non-smoker. Common preoperative comorbidities, including smoking status and diabetes mellitus, increase the likelihood of postoperative complication in patients with hand and finger fractures and/or dislocations undergoing surgical treatment. Further investigation into the different relationship of these comorbidities between open and closed fractures with larger sample sizes will be valuable.

Matthew Rich, Rafat Solaiman, Abhinav Lamba, Warren Schubert, Christopher Hillard, Ashish Mahajan
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