Spontaneous cervical epidural hematoma. Apropos of a case

Journal: Neuro-Chirurgie

We report one case of spinal epidural hematoma located in the cervical area, so-called spontaneous because this unknown etiology, extended over C3-C6, diagnosed by Computed Tomography, with complete recovery after surgical treatment accomplished 36 hours after the onset of symptoms. The clinical picture is characterized by sudden onset of severe cervical or interscapular pain, associated with radicular radiation into the upper extremities, followed by development of progressive signs of spinal cord compression with varying degree of motor and sensory paralysis. We emphasized the importance of an early diagnosis, easily possible with Computed Tomography. The CT findings are similar to intracranial acute epidural hematoma: showing a characteristic hyperdense lenticular collection, typically localized in the dorsolateral spinal epidural space. Computed Tomography appears to be the procedure of choice for preoperative diagnosis and for postoperative control. The surgical indication is absolute.

E Urculo Bareño, M Arrazola Schlamich
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Epidural Hematoma

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