Novel HLA-A locus alleles including A*01012, A*0306, A*0308, A*2616, A*2617, A*3009, A*3206, A*3403, A*3602 and A*6604.

Journal: Tissue Antigens

This paper describes 10 novel HLA-A alleles that have been characterized by DNA sequencing. Seven alleles, A*0308, A*2616, A*3009, A*3206, A*3403, A*3602 and A*6604 carry motifs observed in other HLA-A alleles, suggesting that gene conversion has created this diversity. The remaining three alleles, A*01012, A*0306 and A*2617, contain polymorphisms not previously found in any "classical" class I allele. All alleles were identified due to unexpected probe hybridization patterns during routine SSOP typing. Exons 2 and 3 of each allele were subsequently characterized by DNA sequencing.

D Bradshaw, C Gans, P Jones, G Rizzuto, N Steiner, W Mitton, J Ng, R Koester, R Hartzman, C Hurley

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