Pubertal growth spurt in patients with bilateral anorchia after testosterone replacement therapy.

Journal: Archives De Pediatrie : Organe Officiel De La Societe Francaise De Pediatrie
Treatment Used: Testosterone replacement therapy
Number of Patients: 9
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Summary: The study researched the effects of testosterone replacement therapy for bilateral anorchia.

Conclusion: Testosterone replacement therapy can allow for a pubertal growth spurt in patients with bilateral anorchia.


Anorchia, the absence of testes in 46,XY boys, is a very rare condition. It has been suggested that the testicular tissue disappears during pregnancy, as a result of a vascular accident associated with torsion or a genetic cause. Because pubertal growth spurt is directly influenced by androgen exposure, we decided to evaluate the pubertal height gain in nine patients with anorchia who were followed up at the pediatric endocrinology unit of Bicêtre University Hospital. We retrospectively included nine patients with bilateral anorchia whose puberty had been induced by androgen replacement therapy and for whom final height measurements were available. Data were obtained from medical records. Mean gain in pubertal height was 21.7±2.3cm, lower than the expected gain during puberty (25cm, P<0.005). Despite limited experience in this rare condition, androgen replacement therapy seems to allow for good pubertal growth spurt in adolescents with anorchia. However, formal protocols for androgen therapy during puberty may need to be optimized.

K Fouatih, F Belin, A Lambert, J Bouligand, C Bouvattier

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