Structural and Functional Characterization of Rare Ocular Diseases

Trial Information
Status: Recruiting
Location: See location...
Study Type: Observational

Rare ocular diseases (ROD) are a heterogeneous group of ocular diseases that affect very few people and, generally, for which no tretament is available. An important subgroup of these diseases are inherited retinal degenerations. In this study we focus on understanding the natural history of different ROD that affect the posterior segment.

Am I eligible for this trial?
Participation Requirements
Minimum Age:
Healthy Volunteers:

• Male or female 18 years or older with a diagnosis of a ROD affecting the posterior segment

• Patients able to undergo all required ophthalmic exams

• Patients able and willing to sign an informed consent

Where is this trial taking place?
Other Locations
Institut de la màcula
Who do I contact about this trial?
Marc Biarnes, PhD
When is this trial taking place?
Start Date: November 24, 2021
Estimated Completion Date: November 24, 2025
How many participants will be in this trial?
Target number of participants: 50

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Sildenafil for Treatment of Choroidal Ischemia
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