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Last Updated: 01/06/2023

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Inhibition of Reverse Transcription in Type I Interferon Mediated Neuropathology

Summary: Aicardi-Goutières syndrome (AGS) is a disease of children, particularly affecting the brain and the skin. There is a close link between AGS and increased amounts of a chemical called interferon. Normally humans only produce interferon when they are infected with a virus. In AGS, there is no viral infection. Instead, the cells in the cells of affected patients are confused into thinking that their ...

Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Safety Profile of Understudied Drugs

Summary: The study investigators are interested in learning more about how drugs, that are given to children by their health care provider, act in the bodies of children and young adults in hopes to find the most safe and effective dose for children. The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the PK of understudied drugs currently being administered to children per SOC as prescribed by their treati...

Contribution of the Integrase Inhibitor Dolutegravir to Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in Persons Living With HIV

Summary: The goal of the study is to combine a collaborative and translational approach to evaluate the effect antiretroviral regimen switch to a dolutegravir containing regimen compared to continued treatment with a non- dolutegravir based regimen on on lipid and metabolic profiles, renal function, body composition, vascular function and diet.

Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate in Combination of Hepatitis B Vaccine With the Omission of Immune Globulin to Prevent Hepatitis B Transmission in Mother With High Viral Load: A Multi-Center, Prospective, Randomized and Open-Label Study

Summary: Immunoprophylaxis with two hepatitis B vaccinations following the hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIg) and hepatitis B vaccine at birth is largely effective in protecting infants from hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. However, hepatitis B infection due to immunoprophylaxis failure often occurs in approximately 10% of infants who are born to highly viremic mothers with HBeAg-positive. Maternal HBV D...

A Multi-Site Tissue Repository Providing Annotated Biospecimens for Approved Investigator-Directed Biomedical Research Initiatives

Summary: We are the missing link in clinical trials, connecting patients and researchers seamlessly and conveniently using a mobile health platform to advance medical research. We make it easy for patients to contribute to research for medical conditions that matter most to them, regardless of their location or ability to travel.

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Last Updated: 01/06/2023