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Prospective Randomized Study of the Treatment of Pediatric Patients That Lost Sense of Smell Due to COVID-19

Clinical Outcomes of Olfactory Training for Treatment of Olfactory Dysfunction After COVID-19

Studying the Expected Effect of Ivermectin Nanosuspension as Nasal Spray Upon Post covid19 Persistant Anosmia

Anosmia and / or Ageusia in COVID-19: Timeline, Treatment With Early Corticosteroid and Recovery

Smell in Covid-19 and Efficacy of Nasal Theophylline

Prospective Study Evaluating the Olfactory Recovery of Anosmia Post COVID-19 by Olfactory Rehabilitation Assisted by Web-application

Triggers for Post-Viral Parosmia After Covid and Non-Covid Infections

Changes in Olfactory Behavior in Overweight / Obese Subjects Undergoing Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

Study of Morphological, Spectral and Metabolic Manifestations of Neurological Complications in Covid-19 Patients

Chinese Multi-provincial Cohort Study-Beijing Project

Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Morphological Abnormalities of the Olfactory Bulb on MRI and Olfactometry in Anosmic Versus Normosmic COVID-19 Patients

Effect of Pulsatile GnRH Therapy on Cognition in Down Syndrome: Randomized Placebo Control Study

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