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Endoscopic Retrograde Appendicitis Therapy - a Pilot Study

Intervention Type: Procedure
Study Type: Interventional
Sponsors: Chinese University of Hong Kong
Participants: 20
This is a prospective pilot study on the efficacy of endoscopic therapy for adult uncomplicated acute appendicitis. In recent years, antibiotics treatment has been a new alternative approach to surgical appendicectomy for acute appendicitis, however, there is a risk of failed antibiotics treatment and chance of recurrent appendicitis. Endoscopic therapy of acute appendicitis (ERAT) has been recently described that involves colonoscopic insertion of plastic stent and removal of appendicolith. The investigators conduct this pilot study to investigate the feasibility, technical and clinical success rate of endoscopic retrograde appendicitis therapy among adult patients with uncomplicated acute appendicitis. 20 patients would be recruited for the pilot study.
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Recruiting
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Hon Chi Yip, MBChB
+852 35052627
Sex: All
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 70
Healthy Volunteers: No
Inclusion criteria
- Adult patients emergency admitted for suspected acute appendicitis
- Age 18 - 70
- Computed Tomography of the abdomen with contrast confirmed uncomplicated appendicitis, as evidenced by presence of a dilated, thickened wall appendix without perforation, abscess or gangrene.
Exclusion criteria
- History of previous appendicitis
- Evidence of perforation, abscess or gangrene of appendix on CT scan
- Significant paralytic ileus as evidenced by dilated bowel loops on imaging
- Evidence of co-existing acute surgical pathologies on the CT scan
- Allergic to bowel preparation solution (Polyethylene glycol)
- Marked electrolyte abnormalities, significant renal impairment (CrCl <30ml/min)
- Coagulopathy (INR >1.5, platelet <50)
- Pregnancy, or contraindication to fluoroscopy
- Other cases deemed by the examining physician as unsuitable for safe treatment
- Refusal to participate

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