Dural-Based Frontal Lobe Hemangioblastoma.

Journal: World Neurosurgery
Treatment Used: Micro-Neurosurgery for Tumor Resection
Number of Patients: 1
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Summary: This case report describes a 64-year-old woman diagnosed with a dural-based frontal lobe hemangioblastoma treated with micro-neurosurgery for tumor resection.

Conclusion: The treatment for dural-based frontal lobe hemangioblastoma is surgery.


Background: Hemangioblastomas are benign vascular neoplasms that may be associated with von Hippel-Lindau disease. They are more common in men, with a mean age of 36 years, and rarely affect the supratentorial region and, when present in this topography, do not have meningeal impairment. Diagnosis by the radiologic and histopathologic study is difficult, since they are rare and, therefore, forgotten diagnosis, besides they are differential diagnoses with other supratentorial neoplasms.

Methods: The present report describes a case of a frontal hemangioblastoma in a 64-year-old woman who presented with seizures. Our imaging studies had as a main hypothesis a frontal meningioma because of dural tail sign, lack of edema, contrast enhancement pattern, and extra-axial location in the supratentorial region, in the frontal lobe, which is uncommon for a hemangioblastoma. The patient underwent microneurosurgery for tumor resection, and the excised tissue was submitted for anatomopathologic evaluation. This study clarified the diagnosis as hemangioblastoma. We followed up the patient at the outpatient clinic for 2 years, with clinical improvement, without tumor recurrence. We also compared the clinical, radiologic, epidemiologic, and anatomopathologic data of the reported case with data from a literature review conducted through the PubMed portal.

Conclusions: Definitive treatment for these lesions is surgical resection. Physicians should be aware that supratentorial meningeal hemangioblastomas can be developed in a patient without von Hippel-Lindau disease and regular follow-up is mandatory.

Rafael Vicente Lacerda, Antônio Teixeira Júnior, Euler Sauaia Filho, Leonardo José De Macêdo Filho, André Antônio, Jan Cabral, Francisco Ramos Júnior, José Valença Júnior

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