Interstitial Laser Ablation of Feeding Vessels to a Large Placental Chorioangioma.

Journal: Zeitschrift Fur Geburtshilfe Und Neonatologie
Treatment Used: Interstitial Laser Ablation
Number of Patients: 1
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Summary: This case report describes a 30-year-old patient with a large placental chorioangioma treated with interstitial laser ablation.

Conclusion: A patient with a large placental chorioangioma was successfully treated with interstitial laser ablation.


Background: Chorioangioma is a vascular neoplasm of the placenta with the potential to cause heart failure, hydrops, and even death.

Methods: A 30-year-old patient was referred owing to a large placental chorioangioma and fetal hydrops at 28 weeks of gestation. The patient underwent ultrasound-guided interstitial laser ablation. Ten days later, fetal blood transfusion was performed and at 31 weeks of gestation, and the patient delivered a female infant by cesarean section. The newborn was discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit without any complication.

Conclusions: According to our case, large placental chorioangioma may have a favorable outcome with interstitial laser ablation and fetal transfusion.

Ezgi Turgut, Aysegul Atalay, Bedri Sakcak, Dilek Sahin

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