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Efficacy Study of Shunt Operation in Patients With Disorder of Consciousness of Post-traumatic Hydrocephalus (PTH) by Methods of Neuroelectrophysiology

Study Type: Observational
Participants: 65
The symptoms of hydrocephalus containing consciousness condition with muscle tone in some patients will be relieved, after the cerebrospinal fluid release test is carried out. Neuroelectrophysiology in patients with disorders of consciousness of post-traumatic hydrocephalus (PTH) can establish the association with consciousness and muscle tone to a certain extent, and predict the shunt effect of PTH with disorders of consciousness.
Nicolet EEG - Recruiting
Pleasanton, California, United States
Gender: All
Healthy Volunteers: No
Inclusion Criteria:
Patients with disorder of consciousness in traumatic brain injury. The presence of
hydrocephalus through image examination.
Exclusion Criteria:
Patients who cannot tolerate shunt surgery. Sedation maintained by greater than
0.15mg/kg/hour of midazolam or the infusion dose of propofol higher than 4mg/kg/hour.
Patients who are participating in drug research or other clinical trials.
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