Oral cholangioscopy for biliary system diseases.

Journal: Khirurgiia
Treatment Used: Oral Cholangioscopy
Number of Patients: 321
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Summary: This study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of oral cholangioscopy in the treatment of patients with biliary system disease.

Conclusion: In patients with biliary system disease, treatment with oral cholangioscopy is safe and effective.


Objective: To improve the results of treatment of obstructive jaundice by using of oral cholangioscopy.

Methods: There were 321 patients with obstructive jaundice between October 2020 and November 2021. Of these, cholangioscopy (SpyGlass video system) was used in 18 patients. Patients were divided into two groups: group 1 (n=9) - malignant biliary strictures; group 2 (n=9) - choledocholithiasis with large calculi (≥1.2 cm). At admission, all patients underwent laboratory and instrumental examination. In the first group, bilioduodenal stenting with plastic stents 7 and 10 Fr in diameter, 7 to 12 cm long or self-expanding nitinol stents 0.8-1.0 cm in diameter, 6 to 10 cm long was carried out. Patients with large calculi underwent targeted laser lithotripsy under endoscopic control until formation of 1-cm fragments. These fragments were removed using a lithoextraction balloon and Dormia basket.

Results: Cholangioscopy (SpyGlass system) was performed within 2 days after admission. In group 1, tumor tissue overgrowths were found during cholangioscopy. Five out of 9 (55.6%) patients underwent bilioduodenal stenting for adequate biliary drainage. Of these, 4 (44.5%) patients developed acute edematous pancreatitis on the first postoperative day. This complication regressed after 3-4 days under therapy. Four (44.5%) patients died from cancer-related multiple organ failure. In group 2, cholangioscopy effectively visualized the calculus and ensured its destruction by laser contact lithotripsy. Intraoperative and postoperative complications were not revealed in both groups.

Conclusions: SpyGlass system is effective and safe for diagnosis and treatment in 100% of patients with extrahepatic biliary strictures and/or large calculi.

P Yartsev, Yu Teterin, K Mironova, A Askerov

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