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Last Updated: 01/06/2023

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Vascular Lab Resource (VLR) Biorepository Study

Summary: This is a study of biomarkers obtained from prospectively collected subject samples and their correlation with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The purpose of this initiative is to develop an enduring tool to allow for collaborative research between clinicians at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus and basic scientists at the Lerner Research Institute. This collaboration will allow resources to be ...

Visualizing Vascular Mechanisms of Lipedema

Summary: This work will address clinical unmet needs for patients with lipedema using advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods, in sequence with portable clinical tools, by testing fundamental hypotheses regarding potential screening methods, lymphatic therapy, and vascular dysfunction in patients with lipedema.

The Effects of Endurance Training in Women With Lipedema

Summary: Lipedema is a fat disorder causing accumulation of subcutaneous adipose tissue particularly in arms and legs, and predominantly affects women. Lipedema likely contributes to an array of other pathologies, including obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and neurological disorders. Lipedema tissue is often very painful and can severely impair mobility. The condition can also increase the incidence of...

Evaluation of Neuropathic Pain in Lipedema

Summary: Lipedema is a chronic progressive disease characterized by abnormal increase of subcutaneous adipose tissue. It is characterized by bilateral enlargement of the lower and/or upper extremities, typically sparing the hands and feet. This disease, which almost always affects women, has rarely been described in men due to hormonal disorders or concomitant diseases such as cirrhosis. Although the resul...

A Novel Approach to Examine the Adipose Cellular Kinetics of Lipedema

Summary: Lipedema is characterized by an abnormal deposition of adipose tissue, resulting in fluid accumulation, limb enlargement, and pain. Lipedema is often misdiagnosed as simply obesity. A major challenge with diagnosis is the poorly understood biology underlying the disease. Limited studies suggest that the development of lipedema may involve adipocyte hypertrophy, increased commitment of adipose prog...

Effect of Weight Loss on Body Composition and Metabolic Function in Women With Lipedema

Summary: Lipedema is a disorder characterized by massive, bilateral accumulation of fat below the waist and in the legs. Enlargement of the lower extremities is often accompanied by leg pain and accumulation of fluid. Little is known about the functional changes that lead to fat accumulation and pain in women with lipedema. The goals of this project are to conduct a comprehensive characterization of abdomi...

The Norwegian LIPODIET Study: Effect of Ketosis on Pain and Quality of Life in Patients With Lipedema

Summary: Lipedema is a female progressive fat disorder, characterized by a symmetrical increase in subcutaneous adipose tissue in the lower extremities with the exception of the waist. The condition is often misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed. The etiology is poorly understood. Affects about 11% of all women and may lead to pain and immobility. The pathophysiology may be related to sex hormones and inflammato...

Surical Treatment of Lipedema in Norway - a National Multicenter Study

Summary: Lipedema is a chronic condition with a symmetrical accumulation of painful fatty tissue primarily affecting the limbs, sparing hands, feet and trunk. The subcutaneous fatty tissue is disproportionately voluminous and may have a different microstructure and metabolism than the patient's regular fatty tissue. The condition affects almost exclusively women and usually debuts around puberty. Lipedema ...

Pain Characteristics, Intensity, Patterns, Impact and Quality of Life in Women With Lipoedema: an Online Survey

Summary: This observational study will seek to investigate the following questions in women with lipoedema: pain characteristics, intensity and patterns of pain the relationships between the characteristics, intensity and patterns of pain and age, ethnicity, location, employment status, levels of anxiety/depression, walking ability, ability to work, relations with other people, impact on sleep and quality ...

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Last Updated: 01/06/2023