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Last Updated: 01/06/2023

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Neurocognitive Outcomes and Quality of Life in Adults With Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD)

Summary: Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) is a disorder of protein metabolism that leads to neurological differences. It is an exciting time where people diagnosed with MSUD are living longer. The investigators want to learn about how adults with MSUD think, feel, and live. The purpose of this research study is to 1) look at thinking skills, behavior skills, life skills, and quality of life in adults with ...

Educational, Social Support, and Nutritional Interventions and Their Cumulative Effect on Pregnancy Outcomes and Quality of Life in Teen and Adult Women With Phenylketonuria (PKU) or Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD).

Summary: The purpose of this project is to study the effectiveness of teaching teens and young women with Phenylketonuria (PKU) or Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) about their disease and nutrition related issues in a camp environment. It will also look at pregnancy outcome results in women with PKU who attended Metabolic Camp and compare their results to other women with PKU who have not attended the Meta...

Systemic Biomarkers of Brain Injury From Hyperammonemia

Summary: Ammonia is a waste product of protein and amino acid catabolism and is also a potent neurotoxin. High blood ammonia levels on the brain can manifest as cytotoxic brain edema and vascular compromise leading to intellectual and developmental disabilities. The following aims are proposed: Aim 1 of this study will be to determine the chronology of biomarkers of brain injury in response to a hyperammon...

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Last Updated: 01/06/2023