Prognostic value of radiological findings indeterminate for UIP pattern and anterior upper lobe honeycomb-like lesion in chronic fibrosing interstitial lung disease associated with MPO-ANCA.

Journal: BMC Pulmonary Medicine

Background: Myeloperoxidase antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (MPO-ANCA) is often positive in patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD), which is also often present in patients with microscopic polyangiitis (MPA). A possible association between MPO-ANCA, MPA, and idiopathic ILD remains unclear. The objective of this study was to determine whether high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) classification based on recent idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis guideline and specific CT findings can obtain new knowledge of prognostic factors in all MPO-ANCA-positive patients with ILD including both idiopathic ILD and MPA-ILD.

Methods: We analyzed 101 consecutive MPO-ANCA-positive patients with respiratory disease. We assessed the diagnostic accuracy of CT findings, HRCT pattern, and specific radiological signs. Prognostic predictors were determined using Cox regression models.

Results: Subjects with chronic ILD included 22 patients with MPA-ILD and 39 patients with ILD but without MPA. A quarter of the patients were radiological indeterminate for usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) pattern, which resulted in a better prognosis than that for UIP pattern. "Increased attenuation around honeycomb and traction bronchiectasis" and "anterior upper lobe honeycomb-like lesion" were found to be highly frequent radiological findings (39% and 30%, respectively). In addition, the latter finding was a significant negative prognostic factor.

Conclusions: Radiological indeterminate for UIP was a useful HRCT classification in MPO-ANCA-positive patients with ILD. In addition, anterior upper lobe honeycomb-like lesion was found to be specific radiological finding that was a significant prognostic factor. The present results might aid in the assessment of appropriate strategies of diagnosis in these patients.

Hideaki Yamakawa, hintaro Sato, omohiko Nakamura, omotaka Nishizawa, ie Kawabe, omohiro Oba, asanobu Horikoshi, eiichi Akasaka, asako Amano, azuyoshi Kuwano, iroki Sasaki, idekazu Matsushima

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