What is the definition of Mittelschmerz?

Mittelschmerz is one-sided, lower abdominal pain that affects some women. It occurs at or around the time when an egg is released from the ovaries (ovulation).

What are the alternative names for Mittelschmerz?

Ovulation pain; Midcycle pain

What are the causes for Mittelschmerz?

One in five women have pain around the time of ovulation. This is called mittelschmerz. The pain may occur just before, during, or after ovulation.

This pain can be explained in several ways. Just before the ovulation, the growth of the follicle where the egg develops may stretch the surface of the ovary. This can cause pain. At the time of ovulation, fluid or blood is released from the ruptured egg follicle. This may irritate lining of the abdomen.

What are the symptoms for Mittelschmerz?

Mittelschmerz may be felt on one side of the body during one month and then switch to the other side during the next month. It may also occur on the same side for many months in a row.

Symptoms include lower-abdominal pain that:

  • Occurs only on one side.
  • Goes on for minutes to a few hours. It can last up to 24 to 48 hours.
  • Feels like a sharp, cramping pain unlike other pain.
  • Severe (rare).
  • May switch sides from month to month.
  • Begins midway through the menstrual cycle.

What are the current treatments for Mittelschmerz?

Most of the time, treatment is not needed. Pain relievers may be needed if the pain is intense or lasts a long time.

What is the outlook (prognosis) for Mittelschmerz?

Mittelschmerz can be painful, but it is not harmful. It is not a sign of disease. It may help women to be aware of the time in the menstrual cycle when the egg is released. It is important for you to discuss any pain you are having with your health care provider. There are other conditions that can cause similar pain that are much more serious and require treatment.

What are the possible complications for Mittelschmerz?

Most of the time, there are no complications.

When should I contact a medical professional for Mittelschmerz?

Call your provider if:

  • Ovulation pain seems to change.
  • Pain lasts longer than usual.
  • Pain occurs with vaginal bleeding.

How do I prevent Mittelschmerz?

Birth control pills can be taken to prevent ovulation. This can help reduce pain that is linked to ovulation.

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