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Dr. Wendy J Van De Sande

University Medical Center Rotterdam


Wendy Van De Sande is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Dr. Van De Sande is a global expert in Nocardiosis. They have been an author on 91 peer reviewed articles in the past 15 years. In particular, they have been an author on 64 peer reviewed articles regarding Nocardiosis.


Rotterdam, ZH, NL

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  • Journal: Journal of clinical microbiology
  • Published —
A Short Tandem Repeat Assay for Studying Genetic Variation in Madurella mycetomatis (MmySTR).
  • Journal: Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
  • Published —
Mycetoma caused by Microascus gracilis: a novel agent of human eumycetoma in Sudan.


Rotterdam, ZH, NL


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