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Plantar actinomycetoma in a patient without risk factors

Treatment Used: 24-Weeks Doxycycline Regime
Number of Patients: 1
MediFind Summary

Overview: This case report describes a patient with plantar actinomycetoma (fungal foot infection) without risk factors treated with a 24-weeks doxycycline regime.

Conclusion: A 24-weeks doxycycline regime in a patient with plantar actinomycetoma (fungal foot infection) provided a satisfactory response.


A case of plantar actinomycetoma without risk factors is presented, which was diagnosed by hystopatological analysis of a foot biopsy because of the suspicion of neoplasia. Since the patient did not fully respond to the first-line therapy antibiotics, a 24-weeks doxycycline regime was started, achieving a satisfactory response. Finally, a brief discussion on plantar mycetomas is presented.

Alejandro Kral, Gabriel Castillo, Carolina Galindo, Marcelo Wolff, Juan Uribe, Carla Morong, Ignacio Beddings

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