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Balloon Eustachian tuboplasty for treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction: A systematic review and Meta-analysis

Treatment Used: Balloon Eustachian Tuboplasty
Number of Patients: 0
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Overview: The study researched the safety and effectiveness of balloon Eustachian tuboplasty for patients with eustachian tube dysfunction.

Conclusion: Balloon Eustachian tuboplasty can be a safe and effective treatment for adult Eustachian tube dysfunction.


Objective: To sysetematically evaluate the efficacy, compliance and collaborative operation of Balloon Eustachian tuboplasty(BET) for treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction via Meta-analysis. Method:The PubMed, OVID, Embase, Cochrane Library, ProQuest, Web of Science, Chinese biomedical literature database, VIP database, WanFang database, CNKI were searched for papers on autoinflation for treatment of chronic otitis media with effusion in children(up to March 2020). Statistical analysis was performed by using Cochrane tools and RevMan5.2. Result:A total of 14 articles were included. The results of Meta-analysis showed that the effective rate of the BET was 86%(95%CI: 0.79-0.94), and had statistical significance. The tubomanometry, ETS, ETDQ-7 of postoperative BET was better than that of the control group, and had statistical significance. Heterogeneity of tubomanometry,ETS was relatively small, which is I²=51%(OR 3.57, 95%CI :1.95 - 6.55) and I²=59%(SMD 1.33, 95%CI :0.98-1.67) respectively. There was no statistical significance between BET plus tympanic paracentesis compared with those treated with BET alone. The recurrence rate of the included literature was 5.37% and the complication rate was only 0.33%.

Conclusion: Balloon Eustachian tuboplastycan be a safe and effective treatment for adult Eustachian tube dysfunction. However, in terms of collaborative surgery and evaluation methods, we still need more homogeneous, multi-center randomized controlled studies to obtain more accurate conclusions to guide clinical practice.

Ying Zhang, Wei Li, Xin Ma, Weijie Wang, Jincheng Zhao, Zhanhong Jia, Jingqiu Zhang, Yu Wang

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