Outcomes of total versus partial colectomy in fulminant Clostridium difficile colitis: a propensity matched analysis.

Journal: World Journal Of Emergency Surgery : WJES
Treatment Used: Total vs. Partial Colectomy
Number of Patients: 491
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Summary: This study identified the outcomes of partial colectomy in the treatment of patients with fulminant Clostridium difficile colitis (FCDC).

Conclusion: In patients with fulminant Clostridium difficile colitis, treatment with partial colectomy did not increase mortality.


Background: The Total Abdominal Colectomy (TAC) is the recommended procedure for Fulminant Clostridium Difficile Colitis (FCDC), however, occasionally, FCDC is also treated with partial colectomies. The purpose of the study was to identify the outcomes of partial colectomy in FCDC cases. Method: The National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database was accessed and eligible patients from 2012 through 2016 were reviewed. Patients 18 years and older who were diagnosed with FCDC and who underwent colectomies were included in the study. Patients' demography, clinical characteristics, comorbidities, mortality, morbidities, length of hospital stay and discharge disposition were compared between the group who underwent partial colectomy and the group who underwent TAC. Univariate analysis followed by propensity matching was performed. A P value of < 0.05 is considered as statistically significant.

Results: Out of 491 patients who qualified for the study, 93 (18.9%) patients underwent partial colectomy. The pair matched analysis showed no significant difference in patients' characteristics and comorbidities in the two groups. There was no significant difference found in mortality between the two groups (30.1% vs. 30.1%, P > 0.99). There were no differences found in the median [95% CI] hospital length of stay (LOS) (23 days [19-31] vs. 21 [17-25], P = 0.30), post-operative complications (all P > 0.05), and discharged disposition to home ( 33.8% vs. 43.1%) or transfer to rehab (21.55 vs. 12.3%, P = 0.357) between the TAC and partial colectomy groups.

Conclusion: The overall 30 days mortality remains very high in FCDC. Partial colectomy did not increase risk of mortality or morbidities and LOS. Level of evidence: Level IV. Study type: Observational cohort.

Nasim Ahmed, Yen-hong Kuo

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