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Study of Neuro-ophthalmology Disorders in Autoimmune Encephalitis (NODE)

Intervention Type: Other
Study Type: Observational
Sponsors: Hospices Civils de Lyon
Participants: 70
Autoimmune encephalitis represents a group of rare and heterogeneous neurological disorders. Pathophysiological mechanisms in these diseases are still unknown. Recently, oculomotor and neurovisual disorders have been described. Cerebral areas and neuronal networks associated with these abnormalities are well described. The investigator proposes to study and describe such neuro-ophthalmological disorders in a prospective cohort of patients with a autoimmune encephalitis, to better understand the pathophysiological basis of this neurological condition.
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Hospices Civils de Lyon - Recruiting
Bron, France
Caroline Tilikete, Prof.
4 72 11 93 84 ext 33
Sex: All
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 70
Healthy Volunteers: No
Inclusion Criteria:
- Diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis
- With or without pathological antibody
- Aged from 18 to 70 years old
- Able to understand the aims and methods of this project
- Non opposed to the participation of this study
Exclusion Criteria:
- Other neurological, psychiatric or systemic conditions, which could induce neuro-ophthalmological signs Cognitive impairment, which is not linked to autoimmune encephalitis
- Ophthalmological condition, which could modify the interpretation of neuro-ophthalmological data Inability to remain seated
- Pregnancy or breast feeding
- Adults under guardianship

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