Surgically-induced necrotising scleritis complicated by Nocardia infection following routine cataract surgery.

Journal: BMJ Case Reports
Treatment Used: Surgery and Antibiotics
Number of Patients: 1
MediFind Summary

Summary: This case report describes a patient who developed surgically-induced necrotizing scleritis.

Conclusion: A patient who developed surgically-induced necrotizing scleritis was treated with surgery and antibiotics.


Necrotising scleritis is a rare, inflammatory condition with potentially devastating visual consequences. It can be associated with inflammatory and infectious causes, and has been linked to several different ocular procedures. We present a difficult case of a patient with surgically-induced necrotising scleritis following routine phacoemulsification cataract surgery, who developed a secondary Nocardia bacterial infection. He required a number of surgical interventions and prolonged antibiotic therapy, suffering recurrent scleral abscesses. A literature review accompanies our case report. Prompt recognition and adequate investigation for underlying inflammatory and infective causes are vital to maintain integrity of the globe and ensure suitable treatment of this challenging condition.

James Richardson May, Madalina Chihaia, Mohammed Rashid

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