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A Staged Phase I/II Observer-blind, Randomised, Controlled, Multi-country Study to Evaluate the Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immune Responses to the GVGH altSonflex1-2-3 Vaccine Against S. Sonnei and S. Flexneri, Serotypes 1b, 2a, and 3a, in Adults in Europe (Stage 1) Followed by Age De-escalation From Adults to Children and Infants, and Dose-finding in Infants in Africa (Stage 2)

Effect on Pregnancy Outcomes, Infant Growth and Development of an Egg Intervention During Pregnancy in Indonesia

A Phase 2a Age Descending Study to Investigate the Safety and Immunogenicity of the SF2a-TT15 Synthetic Carbohydrate-based Conjugate Vaccine Against Shigella Flexneri 2a in Adults, Children, and Infant Target Population in Endemic Countries.

An Open Label Randomised Controlled Trial of Azithromycin Versus Ciprofloxacin for the Treatment of Children Hospitalised With Dysentery in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Safety and Immunogenicity of a Shigella-Tetravalent Bioconjugate Vaccine: A Phase 1/2 Randomized Controlled and Age Descending Study Including Dose Finding in 9 Month Old Infants

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