Clinicopathological Data and Treatment Modalities for Pancreatic Somatostatinomas.

Journal: In Vivo (Athens, Greece)

BACKGROUND/AIM: Somatostatinomas (SSomas) constitute a rare neuroendocrine tumor. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the current published literature about pancreatic SSomas and report epidemiologic and clinicopathologic data for this entity. PATIENTS AND

Methods: A combined automated and manual systematic database search of the literature was performed using electronic search engines (Medline PubMed, Scopus, Ovid and Cochrane Library), until February 2020. Statistical analysis was performed using the R language and environment for statistical computing.

Results: Overall, the research revealed a total of 36 pancreatic SSoma cases. Patient mean age was 50.25 years. The most common pancreatic location was the pancreatic head (61.8%). The most frequent clinical symptom was abdominal pain (61.1%). Diagnostic algorithm most often included Computed Tomography and biopsy; surgical resection was performed in 28 cases. Out of the 36 cases, 22 had been diagnosed with a metastatic tumor and metastasectomy was performed in 6 patients with a worse overall survival (OS) (p=0.029). In total, OS was 47.74 months.

Conclusion: Patients with metastatic disease did not benefit from metastasectomy, but the sample size was small to reach definite conclusions. However, further studies with longer follow-up are needed for a better evaluation of these results.

Aikaterini Mastoraki, imitrios Schizas, leni Papoutsi, asiliki Ntella, rodromos Kanavidis, thanasios Sioulas, arina Tsoli, eorgios Charalampopoulos, ichail Vailas, vangelos Felekouras

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