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Assuring Ophthalmologic Follow up for Children Referred Following Instrument-based Vision Screening in a Pediatric Clinic: Effect of Immediate Referral Scheduling and Tracking

Genetic Studies of Strabismus and Associated Disorders

The Effect of Applying Xylocaine Gel 2% to the Eye Preoperatively in Pediatrics Undergoing Squint Surgeries on Oculocardiac Reflex Intraoperatively and Postoperative Pain and Agitation: Cohort Study


The Effect of Rocuronium as an Anesthetic Adjuvant in Peribulbar Anesthesia for Adult Strabismus Surgery: Randomized Controlled Double-blind Study

Improving Control of Alignment in Intermittent Exotropia

Comparison of Different Refraction Measurements in Adults

Effect of Counseling and Reminders in Improving the Follow-up Rate of Pediatric Patients (0-16 Years) at Bharatpur Eye Hospital, Nepal: an Intervention Study

Management of Consecutive Exotropia and Its Effect on Ocular Motility

Changes in Range of Ocular Motility Following Horizontal Rectus Muscle Surgery in Concomitant Strabismus; a Quantitate Measurements Using Lees Screen

Bilateral Lateral Rectus Recession Using Standard Tables Versus Bilateral Lateral Rectus Recession Using Modified Reduced Numbers in Intermittent Exotropia in Children Less Than 6 Years Old

Oculomotor Disorders: Experimental and Clinical Study

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