Neuropsychiatry of Susac syndrome: A case report.

Journal: Revista Colombiana De Psiquiatria (English Ed.)

Susac syndrome is a rare clinical condition, possibly mediated by an autoimmune process; the classic triad is composed of retinopathy, decreased hearing acuity and neuropsychiatric symptoms (encephalopathy). There are few cases reported with neuropsychiatric symptoms as the main manifestation. We present a case of Susac syndrome in a 34-year-old female with a predominance of neuropsychiatric symptoms, characterised by partial Klüver-Bucy syndrome, apathy syndrome, pathological laughter and crying, and cognitive dysfunction predominantly affecting attention, which showed a qualitative improvement with the use of immunological therapy. This case report highlights the importance of neuropsychiatric manifestations as clinical presentation in patients with neurological conditions.

Ramiro Gilberto Ruiz-García, acobo Chacón-González, eo Bayliss, esús Ramírez-Bermúdez