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D-cycloserine Augmented Treatment: Enhancing Extinction Learning in Youth With Tic Disorders

Peripheral Induction of Inhibitory Brain Circuits to Treat Tourette's: Pilot

Improving Symptom Trajectories of Tic Disorders and Co-occurring Diagnoses: The Role of Integrative Intensive Intervention

A Handwriting Intervention Program for Children With Tic Disorders.

Randomized Clinical Study Evaluating the Treatment Outcome of Combined Virtual Tic Training in Children and Adolescents With a Chronic Tic Disorder

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Augment Behavior Therapy for Tics

Extinction Learning in Adults With Tourette Syndrome

TICS: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Intervening in Children With Tourette's Syndrome

Investigating Circadian Rhythms in Youth With Persistent Tic Disorders

The Role of Probiotics PS128 in Movement Disorders

Effects of Ondansetron in Obsessive-compulsive and Tic Disorders

Predictive Biomarkers of Conversion to Tourette Syndrome in Children With New-Onset Tics

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