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Pregnancy Surveillance Program of Women and Infants Exposed to TEGSEDI During Pregnancy

A Prospective, Non-interventional, Long-term, Multinational Cohort Safety Study of Patients With Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis With Polyneuropathy (hATTR-PN)

Exercise Effect on Transthyretin Stability in Master Athletes and Patients With Transthyretin Amyloidosis

Analysis of the Evolution of SUVmax by Quantitative Analysis Method of Bisphosphonate Scintigraphy for the Follow-up of Patients With Transthyretin Amyloidosis Treated With Tafamidis

Screening for Amyloidosis Before Aortic Valve Elective Replacement (SAVER)

A Phase 4 Safety Study Assessing the Adverse Events Occurring Within One Day of TEGSEDI Administration in Patients With Polyneuropathy of Hereditary Transthyretin-mediated Amyloidosis (hATTR-PN)

ConTTRibute: A Global Observational Multicenter Long-Term Study of Patients With Transthyretin (TTR)-Mediated Amyloidosis (ATTR Amyloidosis)

Phase 1 Two-Part (Open-label, Single Ascending Dose (Part 1) and Open-label, Single Dose Expansion (Part 2)) Study to Evaluate Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of NTLA-2001 in Patients With Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis With Polyneuropathy (ATTRv-PN)

Quantitative Analysis of Myocardial Uptake of 99mTclabeled Bone Radiopharmaceuticals Using New Whole-body CZT-based SPECT-CT Cameras, at Baseline and During Medical Treatment With Tafamidis in Patients With Cardiac Transthyretin Amyloidosis

Prevalence of Transthyretin Cardiac Amyloidosis in Patients With Idiopathic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Referred for Release Surgery

Noninvasive Assessment of Myocardial Stiffness by 2D-SWE Ultrasound Technique (Bidimensional Shear Wave Elastography) in Patients With Transthyretin Amyloidosis

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Wild-Type and Variant Cardiac Transthyretin Amyloidosis: The Impact of Transthyretin Amyloidosis on Life qualitY (ITALY) Study

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