Unleashing proprietary tech: Comsort, the original social network science company in health data technology, is now MediFind

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As featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

AMBLER, Pennsylvania – Twenty years ago, Comsort introduced social network science to the healthcare industry, revolutionizing leader identification and enabling the integration of professional networks into targeting, promotion, and education efforts. For the past 15 years, Comsort has operated as a private research lab for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. With venture backing, Comsort was recently spun off to form MediFind, a new independent company.

MediFind is focused on delivering a new set of patented methodologies and solutions to connect all parts of the healthcare ecosystem and improve the quality and timeliness of appropriate treatment.

Powered by advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, MediFind has developed separate but interconnected platforms to support both the needs of patients and those of life sciences and healthcare innovators.

From a B2B perspective: MediFind Pro enables clients to more effectively identify leaders and connected communities of practice in order to optimize awareness and appropriate utilization of therapeutics. Specifically, MediFind Pro provides data and insight, allowing our clients to:

  • Understand leaders and their connected communities of HCP practices
  • Maximize the speed of adoption at launch
  • Grow awareness and adoption in lagging provider segments
  • Sharpen field force effectiveness through refined targeting
  • Improve KOL, speaker and Medical Affairs efforts
  • Optimize digital marketing investments
  • Expand the understanding of the patient journey

From a B2C perspective: MediFind.com is the first platform to provide the same analytic rigor trusted by the healthcare industry directly to patients and caregivers, enabling them to find the most appropriate care, faster.

Freely available to all patients, MediFind.com spans the patient journey, including six important features built to help patients:

  • Find experts – Covering over 2.5 million global physicians, MediFind integrates objective information to identify experts who are at the forefront of research and innovation for their respective field.
  • Identify second opinions – A proprietary algorithm identifies doctors with characteristics similar to a patient’s managing physician, but with different enough viewpoints to provide alternative opinions for care.
  • Check symptoms – MediFind is home to the world’s most powerful symptom checker for patients, built to dramatically reduce the time to correct diagnosis and treatment.
  • Uncover latest advances – MediFind reviews, synthesizes, and simplifies over 100,000 new pieces of global medical information every month, providing patients timely and actionable data.
  • Explore clinical trials – MediFind comprehensively covers active clinical trials for conditions from the common to the very rare, helping ensure patients never miss a potential opportunity.
  • Understand condition basics – Built on the current body of research and knowledge, MediFind includes summary information about the causes, symptoms, treatments and more for thousands of health conditions.

Inspired by the personal experiences of CEO Patrick Howie, MediFind was founded to help connect the fractured healthcare ecosystem and dramatically improve the quality and timeliness of appropriate care, for all. Because when it comes to health, nothing is more valuable than time.

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