MediFind Featured on The Healthtech Podcast


“I’m running out of options – any ideas?”

This is the question that inspired MediFind, and is asked by millions of people every year. In this high-stakes situation, uncertainty can be debilitating.

It’s essential to get to an expert as quickly as possible… but how can you know you’ve found a true expert? You need to know that all treatments options have been considered… but how can you be certain you’ve found them all? You want to be presented with the latest options… are you sure there’s not a trial that could help you?

When you can’t afford to miss something in this world of information overload, we’re building a better way. Join our CEO Patrick Howie and host Dr. James Somauroo on The Healthtech Podcast to hear the story of how MediFind gives patients more of the one thing they need most: time.

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“Once you’re diagnosed with a rare disease, you might not actually be connected to the experts that know all of the treatments. That information is not spread around the community like you d hope. It’s not as if the latest evidence, guidance, and trials are just easily disseminated to everybody. That you just get a weekly download of what’s new in rare disease and all of the sudden you’re an updated clinician and you can treat everyone in your area. That’s what you’d expect in the modern world, and it’s kind of frightening that isn’t the case.”

“Rare diseases are actually common. The amount of people that either don’t get a diagnosis, the right treatment, or don’t get the up to date treatment is absolutely staggering at scale.”

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